Post-Conviction and Habeas Corpus

    This form is designed for referring appeals in Post-Conviction and Habeas Corpus cases to O'Connor Weber. To refer other types of appeals, click here.

    Post-Conviction and Habeas Corpus. Using the information included on this form, O'Connor Weber will prepare and file the Notice of Appeal. Important: Do not refer a case until after the trial court has entered the judgment.

    If you have a Post-Conviction or Habeas Corpus to refer, please complete this form. It is divided into the following sections:

    Referral Sender Information
    Client Information
    Case Type
    Attorney Information
    Judicial Information
    Case Category Information
    Additional Information

    When you submit this form it will be transmitted to O'Connor Weber. Your referral of the case will be confirmed by email. If there is no information corresponding to a required field, enter " NONE."

    Items with an * are required fields and are necessary for the submission of this form.

    NOTE: If the deadline to file a Notice of Appeal is less than two days away, do not use this form to refer the case. Instead, contact O'Connor Weber immediatly for assistance at 503-226-0923.


*Referral Sender's Name:
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Relationship to Client (e.g., Attorney, Spouse, Mother, Father, Friend, etc.):


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*Date of entry of post-conviction or habeas corpus judgment:

Is this an appeal by the defendant (the state)?

If this is an appeal by the defendant (the state), please list any potential issues for cross-appeal:


PCR or Habeas judge:

PCR or Habeas Trial Attorney Name:

Was the post-conviction or habeas corpus trial attorney court appointed:

Counsel for the defendant:


Describe Potential Issues for appeal and your opinion of the strength of those issues.

Case Specific Information:

If a PCR case, what is the underlying criminal case number and county

If a PCR case, please list the names of any known co-defendants in the underlying criminal case:

Any other information that the appellate attorneys need to know, like whether the client needs an interpreter or other special accommodation: