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Bruce Querbach v. Department of Human Services (DHS)
01:30 PM
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Margaret H Leek Leiberan on behalf of Bruce Querbach
Inge D Wells on behalf of Department of Human Services
Statement of Issues:
(1) Should a trial court refuse to uphold a finding by DHS that abuse occurred if the court finds there is no probable cause to believe the parent committed abuse?

(2) If a trial court finds DHS has shown bias against one parent or notes significant problems with the methodology used by DHS and CARES in making a finding of abuse against that parent, is the reviewing court required to take those problems into account in determining whether DHS had a reasonable suspicion that abuse had occurred?

(3) Must DHS (or a court reviewing a DHS finding) consider alternative reasonable explanations for alleged abuse before it holds that a finding of abuse is founded?

(4) In determining whether a parent has committed mental abuse, must a court follow ORS 419B.005(1)(a)(B) and OAR 413-0150-0115(1)(a)(A), both of which provide that any mental injury to a child "shall include only observable and substantial impairment of the child's mental or psychological ability to function caused by cruelty to the child?"

(5) Can a determination that a parent has physically or psychologically abused a child be supported by evidence that the parent used "reasonable discipline" on that child, even though reasonable discipline is specifically exempted from the definition of cruelty by OAR 413-0150-0115(1)(a)?

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