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Mindful Insights, LLC v. Verify Valid, LLC
01:30 PM
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Sara Kobak on behalf of Verify Valid, LLC
Gabriel M. Weaver on behalf of Mindful Insights, LLC
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Defendant's issue:

(1) If a contract action presents a claim for breach of a specific contract with an attorney-fee provision, along with alternative implied-in-fact and implied-in-law quantum meruit claims with no right to attorney fees, is the contract claim with the right to attorney fees treated as a separate claim from the alternative claims, for any attorney-fee award under ORS 20.077?

Plaintiff's contingent issues:

(2) Under the "claim-by-claim" approach of ORS 20.077, is a party the "prevailing party" if it succeeds on a single breach of contract claim, even if that claim is tried on separate liability theories and the party does not succeed on all theories?

(3) Is a party entitled to an award of attorney fees pursuant to the attorney fee clause of an express agreement, if it does not prevail on a breach of express contract theory of recovery, but prevails instead on an implied-in-fact contractual breach, if the terms of the express and implied-in-fact agreement are the same?

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